Title : Photo_ID
Year : 2022 (launched 2022.01.27)
Signature : Emmanuel Guez
Description : NFTs on the Tezos Blockchain; 365 (self-)portraits of Emmanuel Guez, made by an AI, published on his Twitter account (@notmynamism) from December 27, 2021 to December 27, 2022; performance and text.
Dimensions : Ø
Platform : ;
License : No License ; All Rights Reserved
Tags : crypto-(poly)-identitism ; heteronymic lifestyle ; post-genderism ; homage to on kawara ; digital conceptual art ; absurdist diary ; GANism ; praise of invisibility ; recursivitism
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More : Photo_ID is an installation conceived around a photographic project also involving a text and a performance, made up of several actions.
Photo_ID combines the technologies of artificial intelligence (GAN), blockchain and the social network Twitter (currently X).
Photo_ID is the final piece in a long process.
Emmanuel Guez has no face on the Internet. Since 2012, he has systematically refused to be photographed and filmed, had all published images featuring him removed, and generated decoys to confuse search engines.
Emmanuel Guez's approach is to disarchive himself in a world of self-overarchiving.
With Photo_ID, Emmanuel Guez gives himself 365 faces (1 face every 24 hours for 1 year), faces of people who don't exist because they were created by artificial intelligence.
In short, with Photo_ID, Emmanuel Guez gives himself 365 faces, but still has none.